square ranger sierraInterpretation is my passion. Connecting people to places and cultures are one of the greatest things in generating a sense of wholeness and well-being as a people. While I am trained as a geologist, it is how the land relates to the human experience that really forms the connections the bring about stewardship, awareness and spiritual fulfillment in our lives.

Since 2001, I have been an interpreter in the front line, and program management capacity, including the lead role where I have been in charge of overseeing a visitor center and its staff of employees and volunteers (Mount Rainier and Pinnacles National Parks 2008, 20012-15)  and being the interpretive (visitor) services and volunteer coordinator for two National Wildlife Refuges (Pahranagat and Moapa Valley, Nevada, 2011-2012).

Also, I have served as a naturalist and instructor for NatureBridge in Yosemite and Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School.

I have also utilized my photography, video  media to create Facebook pages, promotional flyers, area information site bulletins, and short video podcasts.